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Sometimes my friend makes incredible music…. All the time my friend makes incredible music….

Learn how to be a man from the manliest of all men!




come on fhqwhgads

my brain just broke. 

God bless the internet. 

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I Can’t Make You Love Me // Bon Iver

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Where am I going?

Grant M. Morris

Where am I going? How will I get there?

The path im on, seems to lead to nowhere

Fog clouds my vision,I can hardly see

What kind of man will I turn out to be?

Will my parents still be proud if I come home empty handed?

Who will be there for me when I feel alone and stranded?

Will I ever find love? Will I ever meet the one?

Have I been a good brother? Will I ever have a son?

What will God say if we get the chance to meet?

Will he hold me in his arms? Will he wash my dirty feet?

Will he see the sins that tie me down upon this earth?

Will he see a broken man or will he see me for what im worth?

Will I ever break the chains that hold me down,

Or am I lost in this world, never to be found?

Where am I going? How will I get there?

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